Justice Journey


Why Justice?

Our Justice Journey starts by reflecting on the reasons why it is important for Christians to be just. For this, we go to the Bible, both the Old and the New testaments, and find that justice is very important to God and was key in Jesus’ earthly ministry.

We spend time reflecting on our personal experiences of justice and how acting justly is a normal part of the Christian life.

There will also be a safe space created for dialogue and questions at the workshop that is part of this step.

In preparation for the first session, please read the prescribed reading outlined here. Going Deeper resources are also provided below, for further study.

Participant's Manual

If you haven’t been able to collect your Participant’s Manual yet, please download and use Step 1 of the Journal before the first workshop.Download »

Going Deeper Resources

Our Story in God's Story

An 8-minute teaching video on justice by Richard LundieWatch »

Generous Justice

Chapters 1 and 5 from Tim Keller’s book Generous Justice

Read Chapter 1 | Read Chapter 5

Walking with the Poor

Chapter 2 of Walking with the Poor by Bryant MyersRead »

Holistic Mission

A chapter by John Stott from his book Issues Facing Christians TodayRead »