Justice Journey


Where Justice?

In Step 2, we focus on Where justice. We aim to gain greater understanding of the context in which we find ourselves, and to become more familiar with, and also lament, injustice in our city.

We will spend time thinking about our city’s history and current state and reflect on the poverty and injustice that impacts many people in Cape Town. We will explore what a biblical understanding of dwelling in our context means.

Participant's Manual

If you haven’t been able to collect your Participant’s Manual yet, please download and use Step 2 of the Journal before the first workshop.Download »

Going Deeper Resources

Woodstock Evictions

A video on Woodstock today and how evictions affect people.Watch »

Recovering the Practice of Place

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Extreme Poverty in South Africa

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Socio-Economic Profile of Cape Town, 2016

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Restoring South African Identities

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From our History

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