Justice Journey


How Justice?

In Step 3 we discuss some ways we can act for biblical justice. We will explore this within a city and within a congregational context and by looking at two justice topics, which have been selected as examples – homelessness and land use in Cape Town.

Please read the prescribed resources outlined here. Going Deeper resources are also provided below, for further study.

Participant's Manual

If you don’t have your Participant’s Manual to hand, you may download Step 3 here.Download »

Going Deeper Resources


A range of resources aimed at helping people respond well to people without homes.Read »

Negotiating Space

A video that explores the potential for informal settlement upgrading to bring about social and spatial transformation in South African cities.Watch »

The Warehouse Blogs

Two short blogs from The Warehouse.Read »

Market Place Social Justice

A website and a book chapter to stimulate your thinking about justice in business and in the workplace.

Explore this website: Business as Mission 

Read this chapter: People who live and work in the public square

Maruwaan's Story

Watch a video about Maruwaan Scullard, who was a member of Cru62, a ministry of Fusion in Mannenberg.Watch »