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A journey of home and hope

Wanda Cele Road runs around the back of the seaside town of Amanzimtoti in Kwazulu-Natal. It is a thin line of separation between the historically white suburb and the Zulu tribal land on which is located Bhekulwandle. For all of my eight years spent in Amanzimtoti as a teenager, I knew that there was a (probably poor) black settlement on the other side of Old Main Road – which later became Wanda Cele – but I never knew what [...]


New mothers celebrated across the city on Mother’s Day

 I had the wonderful privilege of co-leading the team for the Mother’s Day Connect Team at Karl Bremer hospital.  Together with about 25 volunteers, we visited 68 mothers and their babies and shared a moment celebrating life! We got to visit with moms on their way home, moms staying in kangaroo care, moms who had just had their babies and moms that were about to have theirs.  We even got to provide a little support and encouragement to a few [...]

June 16 youth day image

Youth Day: 41 years on

More than a public holiday – June 16, let us not ever forget the significance of this day. I remember in 1995 when the public holidays changed. Being a teenager at the time, I don’t recall being told the ‘why’ behind the changes in public holidays. Just that they were different. And the 16 June was a nice one – being placed nicely towards the end of the second term. Only as I began to have a growing heart for [...]

TZN Grad May 2017

Du Noon welcomes The Zanokhanyo Network

Meet Silvia, a member of Common Ground Church Tableview who with her husband Max are witnessing lives transformed and hope restored for families in Du Noon. Over the past few months, Max and Silvia have been instrumental in connecting The Zanokhanyo Network to a mobile training opportunity and we are watching with anticipation as this story unfolds. Read below as Silvia recounts their story from moving to Cape Town to date: “When Max retired, it gave us the opportunity to step [...]


More than one day. A view on #BlackMonday

Life in South Africa is not dull.  In one week we have the passing of a struggle stalwart, the recall of the finance minister (and many others) and the disciplinary action against a provincial premier.  And we can be left with a feeling of: what just happened? A call has come to wear black today, and to ‘down tools’ on Friday 7 April.  This social mobilisation is aimed at bringing people together to stand up against the decisions by the [...]


Homelessness and the local church

One of the things that both challenges me – and yet fascinates me – about leading a congregation right in the heart of the city, is the fact that our city – and to some extent our church – is filled with some very wealthy people and some very poor people; people who live in extraordinary homes and people who are homeless. We know the systemic equality gap in Cape Town is hugely problematic; and yet when we see the [...]