Author - Suhail Khan

Mandela Day 2018

The Zanokhanyo Network  67 Hundred slices of bread – that’s 3,350 sandwiches that were donated to the community of Langa. For Mandela Day, The Zanokhanyo Network hosted a sandwich making event at Langa Methodist Church which spread this act of kindness to new levels. Employment initiative of NPO Common Good, The Zanokhanyo Network (TZN) celebrated Mandela Day by turning 67 hundred (6700) slices of bread into 3350 sandwiches and handing them out at the Langa Taxi Rank, the Vuka Nomtobhoyi [...]

Challenging the Redefinition of Generosity and the Stewardship of Water

What if the water crisis is merely just an opportunity for our city to find a new awakened dependence in God? A dependence that causes our very nature to be shaken to the point that we are physically on our knees begging for rain? Contrary to this, what if we changed our prayers from “please God, make it rain” to “God, please prepare my heart for this trying time so that I can be loving and gracious with my [...]