Author - Christine Van Wyk


A mandated team in each and every Common Ground congregation, who are there to make Social Justice a priority and connect you! I’m not even joking- these people are not church staff or do-gooders (well, they might be, but it’s unrelated) they are your SOCIAL JUSTICE MINISTRY TEAM and just like the Worship Team lead us in singing and music that glorifies our great God, these teams exist to keep Social Justice on the agenda of each congregation. They have [...]

Why Christians need to stand in the gap

I joined the Common Good team early in 2018 and when I joined this team we spent some time on a resource that was developed for leaders in our community- something to help define and also dream about how we can (and already do) team together in bridging the gap between the local church and the organisation. In doing this, we roped in Richard Lundie, an elder from our congregation in Wynberg, to flesh out some of the theology around volunteerism. We’re [...]