A mandated team in each and every Common Ground congregation, who are there to make Social Justice a priority and connect you!

I’m not even joking- these people are not church staff or do-gooders (well, they might be, but it’s unrelated) they are your SOCIAL JUSTICE MINISTRY TEAM and just like the Worship Team lead us in singing and music that glorifies our great God, these teams exist to keep Social Justice on the agenda of each congregation. They have a section at church each Sunday with resources, so if you’d like to meet them look out for it or ask the meeting leader to connect you to them. They’re LEGENDS!


There are three primary groups of people who work together. The eldership team of each congregation, the SJM team in each congregation and the Common Good team. These three parties work together in order to see the flourishing we desire in and through our congregations..


We’re so serious about this that we made a diagram. Here it is.

Hopefully you can see, the Social Justice Ministry team (SJM) of each congregation sits alongside any other ministries that the local CGC congregation is involved in e.g. Kids or Worship Ministry. This means it falls directly under the direction and leadership of the local eldership team of each congregation. Each congregation has its own SJM team to effectively resource this ministry.

Each SJM team serves its eldership team by helping to:

  1. Disciple Christ-followers in a lifestyle response of living social justice
  2. Impact their neighbourhood and
  3. Mobilise towards EEE events and volunteer opportunities.

Common Good exists to strengthen the Church’s response to poverty and injustice (Common Ground and beyond). A dedicated team within Common Good supports Common Ground Church and their SJM teams.

This support consists of:

  1. Training: SJM team members are trained through the Justice Journey (which is now offered to any Christ-follower keen to experience this personally transformative 5 week journey). Common Good will continue to make new courses accessible to SJM teams and congregants.
  2. Inspiring & Equipping: SJM team leaders gather once a term for input, networking across congregations. In addition, twice a year, all SJM team members gather for inspiration, testimonies and upskilling.
  3. Resourcing: Topics of social justice are addressed on the website, through the Groundswell newsletter (promoted in the congregational weekly and through SJM noticeboards or announcements) and the Living Social Justice podcast channel.
  4. Mobilising: Opportunities are created, communicated and promoted to SJM teams and congregations through which people can become engaged in events and initiatives.

We really have thought about you! And we’d love to get you connected- maybe one day you’ll end up on one of these super teams. To connect with them about how you can get involved in your congregations, click here.

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