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UYD partners with Common Good hosting young adults in Cape Town

The Uzwelo Youth Development (UYD) team hosted its first Social Justice Youth Program from 30th September – 08 October 2017. The theme for the one week program was Social Justice and Youth in South Africa, and was aimed at educating and bringing awareness around social justice to young people. It was a first time trip to Cape Town for these (19- 24 year old) youth which included a wide range of excursions in Cape Town and workshops with various partners, including Common Good! Emphasis on “seeing” and “experiencing” as well as learning and “hearing” about social injustice in our country was made.

The young people from the Free State (Tweeling) were able to see the ocean for the very first time: “Yor the beach was so amazing, even if it was too salty for my liking and so cold eish”. The team shared the following feedback: “Cape Town is beautiful, all the mountains and the greenery is not the same like it is back home; I learned that it is God’s heart for justice, and that God wants justice; When we walked and drove around Cape Town that is when the topic about social justice becomes clearer to me. To see it and also to visit some of the places was an eye opener of how bad the injustices are; Dinner at X’s place was nice (even though I struggle to eat with a knife and fork).” The team reports having grown tremendously through this experience: “I can now go and share what I have learnt about Social Justice back home, because two is always better than one; I hope to be part of the team one day.”

For more info on UYD contact Shantelle Weber, and to find out more about Common Good’s plans to train and impact youth, contact

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