New mothers celebrated across the city on Mother’s Day

 I had the wonderful privilege of co-leading the team for the Mother’s Day Connect Team at Karl Bremer hospital.  Together with about 25 volunteers, we visited 68 mothers and their babies and shared a moment celebrating life!
We got to visit with moms on their way home, moms staying in kangaroo care, moms who had just had their babies and moms that were about to have theirs.  We even got to provide a little support and encouragement to a few moms whose really tiny babies were in NICU.  Some of our team even stood by a mom as she gave birth, becoming impromptu doulas for the day! What an amazing honour and life changing experience!
For some of these moms it was the only visit they would receive on Mother’s Day so it was a blessing to watch their joy as we could share a word, a small treat and gift them a wonderful baby bag.  Our team was amazing in sourcing donations of all sorts so each mom we saw was able to leave with a baby bag filled with supplies and a few items to keep baby warm.
I am grateful for having been a part of this amazing event, and it was a treasured way to spend my mother’s day.  I am humbled by the inspiring team I worked with, the dedicated nursing staff we met and the amazing mothers we came alongside.  I look forward to making Mother’s Day Connect part of how I celebrate mother’s day every year.

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