Du Noon welcomes The Zanokhanyo Network

TZN Grad May 2017

Du Noon welcomes The Zanokhanyo Network

Silvia at TZN Grad

Meet Silvia, a member of Common Ground Church Tableview who with her husband Max are witnessing lives transformed and hope restored for families in Du Noon.

Over the past few months, Max and Silvia have been instrumental in connecting The Zanokhanyo Network to a mobile training opportunity and we are watching with anticipation as this story unfolds. Read below as Silvia recounts their story from moving to Cape Town to date:

“When Max retired, it gave us the opportunity to step out of our “normal” life and to do something different. In 2013 we moved from Switzerland to Cape Town, found a new home in Milnerton and in 2015 we joined Common Ground Church in Tableview.

We had been connected with Boost Africa Foundation, an Education centre near Du Noon and we started to help with the kids in the afternoon. Often, women would arrive, many of them without work and often without hope for the future. We had brought two sewing machines back from Switzerland and so I started to teach a few of the ladies how to sew. There was such a big response that we looked for more machines and also for a bigger room than the one we were able to use in the Boost Africa premises. We managed to find space very nearby and today, at the Sewing Centre in Du Noon, we have about 14 machines and are able to teach 12 to 20 people across different classes.

Max and I, as Christ followers, wanted to go beyond helping people improve their lives, but also to connect people to Jesus Christ so they can find true life in Him. We had attended the Justice Journey and been invited to join the Social Justice Ministry team for Tableview. At a Citywide Forum, we heard more about the gospel-driven content of The Zanokhanyo Network course and Max met with Tim Black, the point person for mobile training of TZN to find out more. The location of the Sewing Centre in a busy shopping centre means that daily, many people from Du Noon are dropping in to see what services we offer. So we discussed the possibility of starting a Job Readiness Course at the Sewing Centre with our SJM team and with Roger, our Congregation Leader.

In discussing logistics, we realised we could not fully accommodate the computer training section of the course at the Sewing Centre. Max remembered that Boost Africa could serve as a great venue with a second storey room and computers available. Tim, Max and Ziba visited Boost Africa to propose the idea, and Elbie Botsma agreed without hesitation to host the TZN Job Readiness Course in the premises. It was as if God had prepared everything and the idea has now become reality.

So we started to invite people who visited our centre, the participants of the sewing classes were asked to invite their friends and part-time co-workers in the Sewing Centre now all had the opportunity to join the course. In a short time we had more than 25 people on our list!

The 3-week Course started on the 3rd of April with 19 people, and on the 24th of April, 18 men and women graduated. Participants shared their heartfelt stories of the powerful transformational journey these 3 weeks had been for them. For those of us attending, we were so moved by the real hope and enthusiasm demonstrated as graduates received their certificates. The next step for us was to provide some way of continuing the discipleship process for those impacted by this course so we have started hosting a small group meeting at the Sewing Centre on Thursday evenings. We are so excited about what this will mean for this group of individuals and the lives they will in turn impact.”

Small Group Du NoonThe course is over but the graduates will continue working with TZN as they try to connect each individual to meaningful work opportunities. For Tableview congregation, a new small group has been birthed and another Job Readiness Course is starting 23 May, again hosted at Boost Africa.

To find out more about The Zanokhanyo Network, watch their latest graduation ceremony video here.

Maybe you know of men or women that need a similar Job Readiness Course opportunity, or you could connect some of our graduates to work internships or other opportunities, or even like Max and Silvia you could connect TZN to a mobile training opportunity in our city. Contact info@tzn.org.za for more information.


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  • Claire Forrester Reply

    It is just awesome what God is doing in Du Noon through Boost and TZN. Restoring hope to a broken hearted community… Well done to all involved in this partnership!
    Pray this mobile training opportunity will grow from strength to strength.

    28/05/2017 at 18:42

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